How does your basement look like? Is it currently cold? Is it full of boxes containing old items? Generally Basements are the most under-utilized section of the house for living space.Do you want to renovate it? Are you looking forward to re-design your basement to get more advantages? Paragon Custom Interiors is good in carrying out renovations. We can help you to convert your basement into a living room just like any other room in your house with facilities. Paragon Custom Interiors know Basements better than others. We can convert your unfinished basement into a beautiful and operational living space at a cost of a few dollars. We can make it to absorb sound and resist fungus and rust.It might become the most popular place in your house.Your basement living space will be unique. Once we finished the Basement Finishing, you will like to spend more time in it.

Paragon Custom Interiors has a unique system for Basement Finishing. It has innovative features which will give tremendous benefits to the occupants of the house. Our staff are quite experienced in this field and are equipped with necessary latest tools and equipment to fulfil your requirements with regard to renovation of basement or finishing. In reality, finishing the basement actually expands your home with more features and real value.

Paragon Custom Interiors has the necessary resources and technical know-how to convert an underutilized basement into a better basement for regular uses. We can help you to sort out issues related to mold and moisture. We will be utilizing our expertise to create insulated walls. This will not trap moisture and keep the room warm and noiseless.

Just think about the expenses and the hassle of building an additional room. We assure you that compared to this additional cost, basement finishing by us will be of great value to you. We can surely help you to finish the basement in a cost effective way to add a comfortable space for living. Finishing your basement is a good investment. In addition, it increases the value of your house. It will also contribute to reduce your energy costs.

Remember Paragon Custom Interiors has the capacity and expertise to transform your basement into a dream room- practically anything you aspire. Just engage us and see for yourself how true it is going to be.