Counter Tops


Are you tired of searching for better counter tops? Paragon Custom Interiors has 15 years of experience in designing, installing and renovating counter tops in kitchen, bath rooms and workshops. We are equipped with qualified personnel, latest tools & equipment and designs to undertake renovations or installations of different varieties of counter tops. We also offer custom packages including granite, quartz, marble,soapstone, stainless steel andwoodcounter tops. When you choose a custom package you will be able to save money when job is done. You can easily check on availability of packages and details today. Just call us on 416-471-7020.

Granite counter tops are very popular. It helps to keep your kitchen counter top looking amazing The structure of granite counter tops ensure durability and quality. It is solid, strong and scratch and stain resistant. Because of its hardness, it will not crack or chip off easily. More importantly it withstand high temperature and it is ideal for kitchen. It needs minimum maintenance. Paragon Custom Interiors has granite counter tops in diverse designs, colors and styles.For Laminate Countertops there are plenty of Laminate sheets to select for your kitchen and bath Countertops. The most durable and lowest maintenance counter tops are made of granite and quartz. There are many benefits from quartz counter tops as well. It is not porous, it is non-absorbent, resistant to household cleaners, higher durability, and reduces bacterial growth.

We, at Paragon Custom Interiors, are now in honored position in the field of counter tops. Our valued customers are seeking traditional and the contemporary countertops designs which we install with perfection to their complete satisfaction. We meet all kinds of preferences of customers so that they are never let down by us. Paragon Custom Interiorsis well known for customizing the countertops as per the requirements of the customers.

Be it kitchen counter top or bath room counter top. You will be confused and find it difficult to decide on renovation of your counter top. There are many options on countertops with different materials. You don’t need to worry. Just relax. Let us work with you and we help you decide which countertop is ideal for your needs. You will definitely agree that renovation or installation can be a pleasing experience when working with trusted professionals from Paragon Custom Interiors. Just call us on 416-471-7020.