Kitchen Staircase

How your kitchen staircase does looks now? Is it worn out? Stained with spilled liquids or food stuff? A beautifully decorated kitchen looks even much better when the doors and windows, furniture, flooring and even the staircase are ideally matched in color, decor and design. If for some reason, say the stairway loses it sheen or gloss, it can ruin the entire image of the kitchen and there is a discord in the decor.

Today most kitchenshave hardwood stairways. Over time with frequent use, the hardwood starts to wear off, tear and break. The stairway then begin to look dull and stained. Though are many reasons for this cause. It is usually the activity that takes place on the stairway. People and pets go up or come down often, spilling liquids, food items or carry furniture and heavy loads, causing scratches and stains. This is why today a number of Stair re-facing companies have been launched as there is increased demand for stair re-facing. Paragon Custom Interiors is one of the leading companies in re-facing of kitchen staircase. We undertake with confidence to re-face staircases especially of kitchen. Our finished products are well praised by the customers all over Toronto and its suburbs. Our experienced and skilled technicians do the re-facing to fulfil your expectations with regard to either kitchen staircases or other staircases.

Paragon Custom Interiors, a name to reckon with in the world of re-facing of staircases, is one of those stair re-facing companies. We do not limit works to kitchens alone. We indeed, take care of the entire house as well. Besides re-facing of staircases, we undertake renovation of houses, apartments & offices, basement finishing, custom cabinets, counter tops, custom home theatre and flooring &tiles. We have a talented team of highly skilled professionals who will be assignedre-facing worksto produce top class quality results. Our customized work is well appreciated as we work according to the expectations of the customers. We are one of the most sought after re-facing companies in Toronto. We ensure 100 % customer satisfaction with our quality works in scheduled time.

Feel free to call us and tell us your problem. Surely we will sort it out at lower charges.